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Is your closet bursting at the seams? Do you have so many clothes that you feel you should get rid of some (even if it’s to make room for new clothes)? This was me 7 months ago. I had worked in retail for 8 years, so you can imagine all the clothing I accumulated over the years with my employee discount (not to mention credit card too..big trouble!) 

I went through my closet and had 2 huge garbage bags full of clothing that were still wearable with no damages, so I thought I would bring them to a place where they give you money for the clothes you don’t want anymore. I brought my 2 huge bags of clothing in, and guess how many items they took? … Not even 1! I couldn’t believe it. Yes, I didn’t want them anymore, but surely someone else would? 

I started searching for other ways to make money from my gently used clothing and stumbled upon Poshmark. Poshmark is a website and app where you can list your clothing and set your own prices to sell them at. 

So I took pictures of all the clothing and created a Poshmark account. I then listed a few items, just to see how things would go. In about a week, I had made my first sale! I was so excited! 

I have now been “Poshing” for 7 months and have sold 90 different items and have made a decent chunk of money. And honestly, any amount is better than $0 I was offered at the resell store I originally brought my used clothing to. Poshmark is a great side hustle to earn me some extra cash, and who couldn’t use some extra cash?

There have been a few things I have learned while using Poshmark that I thought I would share. These are some tips that have helped me be successful with Poshmark.

Tip #1

One of the biggest things you need to do to be successful is to be very active on the Poshmark. You need to frequently be sharing the listings of people you follow.

A lot of times if you share someone’s listing, they will share one of yours as well, kind of like a thank you for sharing theirs. You’ve also got to be sharing your items, which should be a no brainer.

You want your listings to be seen in your follower’s feed as much as possible to make your sales! So share, share, share!

Tip #2

Another thing I have learned is when listing an item, list it a little higher than what you think people would actually pay for it. There are a few reasons for this… 

One, is most of the time when someone is wanting to purchase one of your items, they offer a lower price to get a better deal. Yes, you can always decline and counter, but most of the time it sells for lower than what you listed the price as. 

Two, Poshmark will send out an email to all that have liked an item of yours when you drop the price by at least 10%. So for me, I like to get a decent amount of likes, and then I will lower the price and everyone will get a notification email about it, which also shows how many other people are receiving that same email. This seems to push people into deciding to buy it before someone else snatches it up at the new lower price.

Tip #3

One goal I had when I first joined Poshmark was to become a “Posh Ambassador”. You can become one by meeting a list of criteria, like selling a certain amount of items and having a high rating from buyers. I recently received an email saying I was eligible for it since I had met all the criteria. Once I let Poshmark know I wanted to become an ambassador the followers started pouring in. The reason for this is that they advertise you in a way, in other peoples’ feed as recommendations for people to follow.

Since being in those recommendations, I get about 100-200 new followers each day. And the more followers you have, the more shares you get, and the more people see your listings, which makes you more money.

I would highly recommend signing up for Poshmark if you have clothes you want to get rid of, but would like to make some extra cash from them. Poshmark is very easy to master if you are active on the app and with your followers. Plus, Poshmark makes shipping a breeze. They email the pre-paid shipping label, so you just have to package up the item(s), add the shipping label, and drop it off at the nearest US Post Office. Once the buyer confirms on Poshmark that they received the item, you get paid by check or direct deposit. Super easy!

Do any of you use Poshmark? If so, comment your username so I can follow you. If you’d like to follow me?

My Poshmark username is @batwell90.

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