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Stylish Amazon Office Supplies & Decor

With so many people working from home now, what a better time to update your home office decor and supplies! Or if you’re new to working from home, creating a stylish work area. There are tons of cute Amazon office decor, so everything mentioned in this post will be from there.

I’m pretty obsessed with cute office decor. I think you should have a work area that inspires you and ignites your creativity to keep you on task.

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One of my favorite purchases I’ve made from Amazon is my blue light blocking glasses! They have helped decrease my headaches from looking at a screen all day long. Plus, they are pretty cute on too!

I also enjoy having my phone on a stand like the one above. It helps keep my desk more organized and my phone more accessible.

I just purchased this laptop case and keyboard skin which I LOVE! I had the same boring black case since I first got my laptop which was about 6 or 7 years ago, so Iw as due for a new one. The keyboard cover is also really cute!!

I would say my favorite and most used item on my desk is my coffee warmer. I’m someone who takes forever to drink a cup of coffee, so this keeps it warm until I finish it, which can sometimes be a few hours!

I also have white lights that go up and around my desk. This is just a fun touch to add to my decor!

I’m also obsessed with cute file folders. I’m not sure why, but i love having pretty patterned ones on hand.

These are some of my favorite Amazon office decor and desk supplies! What are some of your must have office decor?

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