Pixi Beauty Favorites

One of my favorite makeup and skincare brands is Pixi Beauty. They are available online and at Target, which makes them quite affordable. I have tried many of their products and have found some favorites that I use on a regular basis. Pixi Beauty was created by Petra Sands, who has 20+ years as a makeup artist and product developer. She creates her products with botanicals and beneficial ingredients to create a naturally radiant look.

Pixie Beauty Favorites

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One of my favorite products from Pixi would have to be the Peel & Polish scrub. I keep this product in the shower and use it every morning to clean and exfoliate my skin. The scrub leaves my skin feeling soft, clean, and ready for the day. It also smells nice, which is a plus!

The Nourishing Cleansing Balm is a product to help take your makeup off and cleanse your skin. It starts out as a balm and turns into oil, which melts away makeup. I usually put a little bit on my fingers and rub in circular motions all over my face. At this point, it feels a bit heavy on the face. Then, I take a makeup wipe (which I talked about in my February Favorites) to remove the makeup and balm. The balm really helps to take the makeup off, instead of using just the makeup wipe. This balm has almond oil, shea butter, and vitamin E, which leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturized.

Pixi beauty products

A Pixi cult favorite is the Glow Tonic. This product has 500 five-star reviews on Pixi’s website, and has won multiple beauty awards, including Teen Vogue’s Acne Awards 2017. And the award is quite deserved. This is a facial toner which really help to clean out the pores for clearer skin. The Glow Tonic uses aloe vera and ginseng for more radiant and healthier looking skin. If I were to recommend one product from Pixi, this would be it!

Another favorite Pixi product is the Makeup Fixing Mist. This mist is made with rose water and green tea which makes it smell nice when sprayed. It is made to make your makeup last longer and look more refreshed. You can mist your face before or after to prolong the wear of your makeup. I usually just use it after as a setting spray, to keep my makeup from melting throughout the day.

pixi beaty products

Pixi also has a great scrub for your lips called the Nourishing Lip Polish. The applicator massages your lips, while the shea butter & a blend of sweet almond, apricot, and evening primrose oils nourish and repair your dry/sensitive lips. I tend to use this product a lot in the fall and winter, when my lips get dry from the cold air.

My favorite eyeliner that I use everyday, which I mentioned in my everyday makeup routine, is Pixi’s Endless Silky Eye Pen. This is a pencil, but it is a soft eyeliner that glides right on. I tend to use this on my lower lash line only. This eyeliner wears pretty well throughout the day too, which is very important. It comes in many different colors, but I always stick with black.

What are your favorite Pixi Beauty products? Let me know in the comments.

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