Magnetic Lashes Review

Before trying out these magnetic lashes, I had never actually worn fake lashes. I have very blonde lashes, as in you can barely even see them without mascara. My lashes are a pretty good length though. So with mascara, my lashes were fine.

magnetic lashes review

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However, I was looking to add more volume without using clumpy mascara. I had heard about magnetic lashes and saw lots of great reviews for them on Amazon, so I decided to make the purchase.

The kit comes with liquid eyeliner, 3 sets of lashes, and a little tool to apply the lashes with.

STEP ONE: apply the liquid eyeliner, make a thick line to match the width of the line on the lashes, let the eyeliner dry

STEP TWO: apply the lashes with the applicator from the kit or your finger

          TIP: I cut a tiny piece off of the inner corners of the lashes, to me it made them look more natural

As you can see, the magnetic lashes added volume, just like I wanted! After about 20min of wearing them, I forgot they were even on. They don’t feel heavy on my lids, which is great! 

I would highly recommend these if you are looking for fake lashes that are easy to apply and look amazing on! I want to wear these all the time now! You can purchase the lashes here.









Have you tried magnetic lashes? And if not, would you try them?

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