Holiday Gift Guide – Stocking Stuffers for Her

Here is a gift guide for when you are stumped on what to put in her stocking this Christmas!

Stocking Stuffers for Her

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Leave-In Conditioner // Excercise Bands // Lip Sleeping Mask // Wine Glass // Bangle Bracelet // Book // Phone Stand // Wireless Phone Charger // Jade Roller // Beanie

The lip sleeping mask is one of my favorite lip products to cure dry and chapped lips!

I also love using the exercise bands! They have different resistances and are super cute looking as well!

10 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide – Stocking Stuffers for Her

  1. Very cute, why do you like these products? Is there a particular reason you suggest the beauty products? What kind of person do you think identifies with these products?

    1. I created this gift guide for people in my niche that I think would enjoy these as gifts, as would I. The beauty items I listed are ones that I love and think others would too.

      1. I’m glad to hear that, I realize I sounded combative without meaning to be. I was trying to understand more about your brand and your preferences and what you like about each one, so maybe you could include more writing in your posts. It will help you bring in your audience a little more and improve your metrics on the googles. The bots search the content of the post so that relevant media pops up when people search in google. This will improve your sites rank 🙂 It took me a while to learn some tips and tricks and figured I’d help other bloggers just starting out.

        1. I agree I do need to put more info into the actual post. I kind of put it up quick. I’ll go back and talk more about some of the products. Thank you for you input! I really do appreciate it 🤗

  2. What a great group of ideas – I would totally love any (or all – haha) of these things! “Girl, Wash Your Face” is on my must-read list, and that wine glass is perfect. Thanks for sharing.

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