My Trip to Denver, Colorado

I don’t get to travel that often due to financial reasons, so when I had the opportunity to travel to Denver, Colorado for a work conference, I jumped at the chance! And with the hotel being paid for and the flight being covered by my compensation from my business, it was practically a free trip!

My business is with Plexus, a health and wellness company. I’ve been with the company since September of 2018. This conference was going to have lots of training, testimonies, speeches from Diamonds (people making bank from their business!), and a few announcements. I was going to be flying from Portland, Oregon to Denver, Colorado to meet up with my team, people I had never even met in real life before!! They traveled to Denver from all over the country; Texas, Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, Florida, and even Canada!

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Goals for 2019

New Year, New You!! Cliché I know, but for lots of us, this is actually true. We set new goals and resolutions that we want to achieve starting in the new year. And with these goals and resolutions, we want to create a new and better version of ourselves, hence “new you”.

This is definitely one of my more personal blog posts. I’m trying to incorporate more personal posts on my blog this year!

We should really always have goals we want to meet throughout the year, but we really enforce and try to achieve them starting in the new year!

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Fall Finds

With summer temps slowly dropping, fall is just around the corner! It’s my absolute favorite season. I love the cool temps, the leaves changing color, being able to wear boots and sweaters and jackets, and my birthday just happens to be in October.

I have been finding lots of great fall items lately and wanted to share them with you! I’m also sneaking in some of my fall favorites from years past.

Fall Finds Blog Post

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