Goals for 2019

New Year, New You!! Cliché I know, but for lots of us, this is actually true. We set new goals and resolutions that we want to achieve starting in the new year. And with these goals and resolutions, we want to create a new and better version of ourselves, hence “new you”.

This is definitely one of my more personal blog posts. I’m trying to incorporate more personal posts on my blog this year!

We should really always have goals we want to meet throughout the year, but we really enforce and try to achieve them starting in the new year!

For me, 2019 will be different (another cliché but whatever). I recently started my own health and wellness business which I am super excited for. I can’t wait to see where this business will take me and the people I will meet along the way!

I’m only a few months in and am already traveling to Denver, Colorado at the end of this week. I’m so excited to not only get more training on the business but to also meet people who I currently work with, who all live all over the country! These girls I work with are so nice and encouraging! I really don’t think I could do this business without them!

One of my long-term goals is to make my business my full-time job! I know this is possible because I personally know people who are already doing it! It will take lots of dedication and determination, but it’s what I want!

A real-life guide to financial freedom.

Another goal I have this year is to lose weight and improve my gut health. So many issues (weight, anxiety, energy, headaches, sleep etc.) people deal with on a daily basis are directly related by gut health, which is what my business focusses on. So my two main goals really go hand in hand with each other! Here is a little blurb about my health journey so far!

To end this post about my goals for 2019, I’d like to say that I would love to help anyone else who has goals regarding their health or starting a business for extra income. These are very important to me, so please leave me a message below if you would like to more information or chat!

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