I have compiled a list of resources that have helped me get my blog up and running. From finding a hosting site to graphics to monetizing my blog, everything I’ve listed below are resources I currently use.

Blogging Resources

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something. 

Creating your blog

Siteground — I researched a lot about different hosting sites, and the general consensus that I found was that most people use Siteground, or have switched from a different hosting site to Siteground. This just seemed like the best choice, and I have had no problems with them at all.  They have fast load times, great security, and you can easily download WordPress. This is also a great hosting site if you plan on monetizing your blog.

Angie Makes — This is where I got my (FREE) theme. All of the themes available on this site are gorgeous! There are even tutorials on how to tweak your theme to your liking. This site also has beautiful graphics and fonts. There are also some great FREEBIES!!

MailChimp — Create email lists for bloggers to subscribe to your blog. Then you can send out newsletters, updates,  freebies, and more.


Tailwind — Tailwind is a great program where you can schedule your Pinterest pins in advance. You can also post pins in “Tailwind Tribes” where your pins can be seen by a lot more people that don’t follow you yet, much like Pinterest group boards. You can even look at your pin analytics and schedule your Instagrams all from Tailwind. Click the link to get a free month of Tailwind.


Canva — This is a free program where you can create beautiful graphics for your blog, social media, and much more. They have a lot of free templates you can work with to make your graphics look professional and eye-catching.

Creative Market — This is a fantastic place to find design elements, such as; fonts, brushes, textures, themes, templates, and more. They even have a select few that are free each week.

Affiliate Programs

RewardStyle — This affiliate program lets you earn commision when someone purchases through your link. You can also create a widget of your Instagrams that your followers can shop through your links. Send me a message if you would like a referral.

Shopstyle Collective — This isn’t just a program where you get paid if someone makes a purchase through your link, you also get compensated just for your readers clicking the link. I also use them to create widgets for my blog posts showing my fashion finds from various retailers or products I mentioned in a blog post.

Viglinks — They have a wide variety of brands that you can be an affiliate for. You can also have them monetize links on your blog that you may have forgotten.

Amazon Associates — This is a very popular affiliate program because you can literally buy anything from Amazon. Amazon is such a huge source and a great way to start out your affiliate marketing.

Flex Offers — Much like Viglinks, they also have a variety of brands. Some are the same as Viglinks and some are different. But with Flex Offers, you also get a commission from other members you refer.

Skimlinks — Again, similar to Viglinks, there are tons of retailers where you can earn commision from.

Awin — This is a high paying affiliate program. It does cost $5 to join, but you get that back once you are approved for the program. Then, you can work with many different brands to earn a commission. — This website lets you put ads on your blog/website. You will earn commision from clicked ads. This is a good ad service because you don’t need a certain amount of page views. Brand new blogs can apply and be approved too! If a friend applies through your affiliate code, you get 10% of their earnings for 1 year.

Heartbeat — Earn free products or get paid to collaborate with different brands. Heartbeat help to connect you to many different brands. If you would like a referral, click HERE


And Co. — With this app, I track all my expenses and income easily in one place. This is a great program for small businesses because you can create invoices, track your time working on a project, and much more.

Tailwind — Here you can view your scheduled pins, as well as editing them right on your phone. You can even search and browse through others’ pins and add them to your queue. You can toggle between your Pinterest and Instagram account to schedule new Instagram pictures as well.

WordPress — Create and edit blog posts from this app. You can also view your site’s stats, plugins, setting, and much more.

Google Analytics — A great place to see your site’s stats.

Canva — This is a free app where you can create beautiful graphics for your blog, social media, and much more. They have a lot of free layouts you can work with to make your graphics look professional and eye-catching.

Snapseed — This is a great photo editing app. It has many different features to help make your photos look sleek and professional.

IFTTT — This app lets you integrate many programs (Twitter, Pinterest, Google Drive, Gmail, Instagram, Amazon Alexa) by creating “Applets”. I use this app to automatically create a list of my blog posts that I publish on WordPress and automatically adding my blog posts to a specific Pinterest board. The possibilities are endless.