My Plexus Journey

There are multiple reasons why I started with Plexus; helping others take control of their health, working with such an amazing and encouraging group of women, being able to earn extra income…but one of the main reasons was to help with my anxiety. Not many know that I have anxiety. It has caused me to miss lots of work and receive lower paychecks. I’ve tried some medication for it which has helped, but I wanted to try another way to help it. Anxiety is one of the many health issues that Plexus can help with, and is plant-based. I am still new with Plexus and my journey to become a healthier me, but watching so many testimonials addressing others’ anxiety and talking with my team about the power of Plexus, it gives me hope and the motivation to keep going with this amazing company! 💕

Please send me a message if you have any questions or are interested in the products or business!